Clancy of the Overflow Original Paper Sculpture

Clancy of the Overflow Original artwork


One of Australia's best loved poems by Banjo Paterson, Dave started creating 3D works of art of this wonderful poem many years ago and has gone onto rendering many different designed works of art, always different and unique!  Dave loves working with the challenge of how the shadows will fall, the dimensions of each sculpture and of course choosing the reference which is appropriate to each scene.  This is a wonderful rendition of A B Paterson's famous poem.  Please let us know if you would like a similar work of art hanging in your home!


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  • Clancy of the Overflow Original Paper Sculpture

About this Work

This stunning 2D paper sculpture original work of art was written in Sumi with decoration in 23ct gold illumination.  The lettering is weighted and maniupulated to express each verse of this much loved Australian poem, Clancy of the Overflow. Each sculptured image is hand cut, creased and manipulated to create an illusion of a 3D figures.  This work sold for $3000