Discussions and demonstrations of Dave’s unique art

Few Words About Us

This page features videos of artist and calligrapher Dave Wood as he discusses and demonstrates his unique art.

To learn more about Dave and his work, please click the links above or contact us if you have any questions.

This magnificent Artist Book of one of Australia’s iconic poets, Henry Lawson has recently been created in a concertina format by Dave. It is truly a labour of love, the number of hours taken to create these intricate paper sculptured images is enormous. In this first video we have endeavoured to display the overall effect of this work which is now for sale! In our next video Dave will take you on his creative journey, explaining very simply his ideas & design concepts. As a humble man it is difficult for him to talk about his creativity! We hope you enjoy this amazing book!

This is the second book in a series 3 three books Dave has recently created by one of Australia’s iconic poets, Henry Lawson. It is a large format concertina book with cut pages, depicting the images of the Australian landscape. The poem is written freely and on the reverse side images of the cut-outs are highlighted with the poem written clearly for viewers.

This is the third one-of-a-kind artist book on the series of this poem by Henry Lawson, one of Australia’s iconic poets. Dave has recently completed this concertina format book, using Australian to,beer ends with a high gloss finish to suggest the flow of the river. The lettering is written spontaneously in blocks of calligraphic forms to convey the varying currents of the river. The Nepalese handmade paper allows Dave to create the beautiful cool colour ways.