Combining art and calligraphy into meaningful artworks

Workshops by Dave Wood

Dave Wood is an internationally renowned master calligrapher and paper sculpture artist living in Australia. He is recognised worldwide for his unique skill of combining paper sculpture with calligraphy, as well as his vibrant and creative use of colour and design, spontaneity and freedom in his calligraphy art works. About Dave He is a Fellow of the Society of Scribe & Illuminators in London and teaches worldwide. He incorporates his Graphic Design/Typography background in many of his workshops, sharing his versatility and myriad of design concepts with his students. Dave’s work is in The Painted Word which he self published in 1998, with 86 colour plates of his art works. Dave is a popular workshop tutor and has been touring Europe, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa and the United States of America for many years. His quiet manner and gentle approach is enjoyed by all those who study with him. Dave welcomes your inquiry if you or your calligraphy group would be interested in a workshop, please get in contact.

Some of the many subjects Dave offers are described below.

Discovering New Dimensions

2 day or 5 days

This workshop provides a new dimension in creating calligraphic artworks using cut images combined with the colour and texture of papers to give an illusion of a three dimensional image. Over a five day workshop the student will complete a work of art, learning how to use thumbnail sketches as part of the design process. Click here to view Paper Sculptures.

Form Design

2 days or 5 days

The student will explore the beauty and diversity of the majuscule, beginning with the stunning Roman form and discovering Dave’s multitude of variables with this classical style. Over five days they will investigate the Golden Mean design component. (Rainforest an interpretation based on the Roman alphabet) This is a workshop designed to explore and expand your approach to this ageless letterform in a fun filled way.

Journey of Discovering into your Creativity

2 days or 5 days

This is an experimental workshop which encourages the student’s spontaneity and freedom by the powerful use of ‘white space’ to bring the letters alive. It explores the myriad of modern interpretations of the classical hands, offering the student a diverse and 21st century approach to calligraphy. This concept is seen in most of Dave’s artworks and he shares his own journey of discovery, using the Cataneo script as a basis. The design process through to the finished work will be enjoyed over the five days. (See Clancy, Click here.)

Creative Colour

2 days

Creative Colour is an important and necessary workshop for many calligraphy students. It will broaden their understanding by practical experience in mixing and blending colours to express the mood of any given subject matter. The concept of this workshop is to address the student’s lack of confidence (which Dave encounters endlessly in his travels) in making informed decisions of colour choices which work together successfully. The participants will discover the essence of colour practice from their existing theoretical viewpoint. (Click here to check out the Alpabetica Limited Edition pdf.)

Harley 2904

2 days

This workshop offers an opportunity for serious calligraphers to learn this significant alphabet which is recognised by many qualified lettering experts to be the corner stone of sound calligraphic practice. Dave’s inimitable approach to this letterform will also be discovered! (Click here to check out Bank of America on our Corporate page)

To obtain further details or book a workshop please contact Dave.