Combining art and calligraphy into meaningful artworks

Specialising in creating unique custom made calligraphy artworks for the Corporate Sector for over 50 years, Dave is renowned for his creative approach for all his clients. Send him today your chosen poem or prose and you are assured of a stunning work of art that very few calligraphy artists in the world can create.  As a Graphic Designer and Calligraphy Artist, he creates custom made calligraphy art that are stunning CEO gifts, unique client gifts or a special retirement gift.

How does this happen? Just send us your favourite text and we will work with you to supply design concepts for your approval.  Or ring us now 01490 874 643

CEO Gifts, Corporate Gfits, Appreciations and individually designed Certificates

If your company is seeking an individually designed calligraphy art for a CEO gift,  an Appreciation for an important donor or client, an interestingly hand designed certificate for reproduction or a corporate gift, then Dave Wood Art can facilitate your specific requirements efficiently and professionally.

Excellent Service

At  Dave Wood Art, we pride ourselves on professional calligraphy commissions and reliable service to the corporate sector, where time is often of the essence. Hidden away in the hinterland of Noosa, Dave Wood is inspired by the beauty of his peaceful surroundings and enjoys the opportunity to create works of art for the corporate market which are inspiring, thought provoking and beautifully designed.

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    “There is ABSOLUTELY  nothing like owning a Dave Wood ORIGINAL to go on your wall…..It is really GREAT and we are thrilled to bits with it.  All we need now is to find the correct wall space for it to be shown to the best advantage.”

    Helen from the UK