Combining art and calligraphy into meaningful artworks

This gallery presents images of Dave’s unique calligraphy art—both limited edition prints and original calligraphy artworks currently available for sale and past works that will inspire your next commission! Please email us if you find something that catches your eye!  Dave can always create a similar work of art but never the same!

During Dave’s career, spanning over 50 years as a graphic designer and calligraphy artist, he has created a vast number of original works of art in this genre.  We are presenting just a few of these works here to show his incredible talent, demonstrating the numerous effects, letterforms and colour ranges to express the mood and emotion of the selected verse.  Rain, which is one poem that Dave has rendered in 100’s of different  styles and mediums, is just one example of this man’s extraordinary ability to capture the poet’s sentiments using the medium of calligraphy, illustration and 2D paper sculpture.

“Thanks very much for ‘Clancy of the Overflow’. As Darryl Carrigan from that great Aussie movie, ‘The Castle’ would say, ‘It is going straight to the pool room’.  It has exceeded my expectations and in my eyes is a remarkable piece of work. I look forward to years of enjoyment as I learn verbatim my favorite Australian poem”.