Professional Commissions

"Let me begin by saying when our Managing Director and I opened the package this morning we were overwhelmed by the beautiful artwork that you did for us.  My goodness, absolutely beautiful. Surpassed our expectations.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you thank you thank you!" more review

Examples of Corporate commissions

  • Brisbane Airport Authority Retirement Gift.  Calligraphy design was centred around the text of the very long poem, using sculptured images from the poem in the Aussie hat.  Approx $3500
  • Brisbane Airport Authority Appreciation requested after our client viewed one of previous calligraphy design commissions in a similar style, using their company colours and the text supplied
  • Art Gallery of NSW Appreciation using hand embossing to create an interesting texture in this calligraphy design - approx $1250
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service Certificate
  • Australian Wheat Board Appreciation
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service Appreciation
  • O T C Appreciation
  • Lindsay Fox Birthday Gift commissioned by one of his clients, I was given a blank canvas to create a calligraphy design using three specific words and the text provide - approx $1500
  • Retirement Gift from an Association who gave me the specific wording and I created the calligraphy design around the hand embossed name - approx $750
  • Queensland Library Donor Cabinet Appreciation.  This specific calligraphy design is of two images created for this project, the other image was rendered on a gold background.  Image available on request.
  • Bicentenary Certificate NSW Government Commission
  • Pepperbox Children's Music Book Cover Series
  • Olypmic Disc with specific calligraphy design to convey the client's message.
  • Olympic Pathway incorporated calligraphy design as part of the overall design of the project.
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service Appreciation to Forrest Mars corporate business gift.  The calligraphy design incorporated Australian wild flowers in gouache on vellum - approx $1500
  • Front cover design (Dave Wood) for Queensland Law Society, a collaborative work with Brisbane Bookbinder, Fred Pohlmann.
  • Sample page written by Dave in Sumi (Japanese ink)

Examples of Private commissions

"His works are unique, and in our home highly valued and appreciated.  We still haven't figured out where this work will hang, but isn't that a measure of the value of someone's work?   When you have to have it!  and then find somewhere to hang it?" more reviews

  • Wedding Vows Commission
  • Caiiigraphy art of Wedding Speech
  • A stunning illumination of Psalm 16.
  • Chasing Cars lyrics commissioned for a wedding gift approx $550
  • Private commission of poetry with no specific requirements.  The calligraphy design of this artwork is elegant and simple with decoration in gold foil - approx $750 unframed
  • Recent private commission with a tight budget so Dave created this beautiful piece with just simple decoration and calligraphy design - approx $250
  • Donna's Paper Sculpture calligraphy commission of her husband's poem.  An elegant calligraphy design to express this special message - approx $850 unframed
  • Special request by a client for a custom made artwork depicting the strong ties of their family.  The interwined lettering was written on shaped strips to give a two dimensional effect - approx $350
  • Parma - paper sculpture original calligraphy art for a client whose mother had written many poems during her many solo voyages. The calligraphy is written in gouache with hand embossing and feathering to complete this major paper sculpture calligraphy design. This work is $3500
  • Private commission for a client's husband - 1st wedding anniversary gift with a specified max. of $500.  I created a concertina book which stood on a timber block to create an interesting effect.  The calligraphy design was based on the image supplied by the client.
  • In Flanders Field artwork.  The calligraphy design is simple to convey this powerful message, using the Poppy symbol.  Approx $550
  • Ephesians commission on vellum with decorated border in gouache.  The calligraphy design was based on the client's request with lettering in Sumi - approx $950
  • Ithaca Personal commission to celebrate the birth of their first child, this calligraphy design was based on the client's ideas and requests with a paper sculptured image to create an interesting texture to the work - approx $1250
  • For G - Family commission - a unique calligraphy design suggesting the image of the ship with varying sized and colours strips of hand cut paper. approx $1500
  • If - Personal commission requesting various symbols in the calligraphy design.  The word
  • Hungry Hill - gift for parents Wedding Anniversary.  The calligraphy design of this artwork was requested by the client, i.e. a winding road, which is depicted by the lettering as well as the image. - approx $750 unframed
  • Retirement Gift for the Artistic Director of a Choral Society incorporating the recipients favourite colours in the calligraphy design - approx. $1250
  • Personalised message in a simple decorative style to create an elegant calligraphy design artwork for a client with a budget of approx $200
  • My brother's memorial piece in paper sculpture & Sumi. I created a special calligraphy design for the words which were read at his Funeral - Approx $800
  • Corinthians original calligraphy art framed - Approx. $300
  • An original paper sculpture calligraphy design artwork commissioned by a client who gave Dave a blank canvas to interpret his chosen text.  Dave chose a dark handmade paper with small sculptured images of a Persian influence with the subtly airbrushed large angel as the main focus of the work.  Approx $1500
  • This amazing paper sculpture original work of art was a commission from one of our clients who asked Dave to choose one his favourite quotes - My Flight from the Ghazals, a Collection of Persian Love Lyrics.  This calligraphy design artwork has some of the most intricate paper sculptures Dave has ever created and culminated in a very elegant work of art.  Approx $3500
  • Roman Bible verse calligraphy commission

Dave specialises in corporate and private commissions - calligraphy art, paper sculpture and individually designed artworks to suit your office or boardroom, your specific interior design or public space. His designs are interesting, visually exciting and unique in the marketplace.  

Interested in requesting commissioned work?  Please contact us to discuss your requirements [email protected]

More examples of Dave's unique calligraphy artworks can be viewed in the Gallery as well.

Specialising in creating unique custom made calligraphy artworks for the Cororate Sector for over 50 years, Dave is renowned for his creative approach for all his clients. Send him today your chosen poem or prose [email protected] and you are assured of a stunning work of art that very few calligraphy artists in the world can create.  As a Graphic Designer and Calligraphy Artist, he creates custom made calligraphy art that are stunning CEO gifts, unique client gifts or a special retirement gift.

How does this happen? Just send us your favourite text and we will work with you to supply design concepts for your approval.  Or ring us now 07 5485 2968!

CEO Gifts, Corporate Gfits, Appreciations and individually designed Certificates 

If your company is seeking an individually designed calligraphy art for a CEO gift,  an Appreciation for an important donor or client, an interestingly hand designed certificate for reproduction or a corporate gift, then Dave Wood Art can facilitate your specific requirements efficiently and professionally.

Excellent Service

At  Dave Wood Art, we pride ourselves on professional calligraphy commissions and reliable service to the corporate sector, where time is often of the essence. Hidden away in the hinterland of Noosa, Dave Wood is inspired by the beauty of his peaceful surroundings and enjoys the opportunity to create works of art for the corporate market which are inspiring, thought provoking and beautifully designed.