Original Calligraphy Art - Awake

Omar Khayyam Original Art

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Mounted print: $1500

Original calligraphy art SOLD

If you are interested in a custom made original calligraphy art on vellum of these words, please contact us to discuss your requirements  [email protected]



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  • SOLD Awake original calligraphy vellum
  • SOLD Awake original calligraphy vellum

About this Work

This beautiful original calligraphy artwork is written in Sumi (Japanee ink) which will not fade with illumination in 23ct gold on vellum.  The illustration is in gouache.  This work was created specifically for the Emirates Airlines LitFest to which Dave was invited to exhibit and teach during this four day very prestigious Festival in Dubai.  The work is available mounted only, so you have the opportunity to choose your own frame to match your decor in your home.  This is a stunning work of art.  For further details of this work please contact us  -  [email protected] or ring us now on 07 5485 2968