My Country original calligraphy art

My Country original calligraphy artwork


This was an experimental piece, using the image of a single mountain Mt Cooroora (where we live in Pomona) as the symbol to depict all the images of our Australian fauna.  This one of the few calligrahy artworks Dave has created on canvas and sold for around $1250.  If you are interested in a similarly designed work of art, please contact Dave today to discuss your favourite poem or text! - [email protected] or ring us on 07 5485 2968


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  • My Country original art on canvas

About this Work

Dave used cottonwool on the end of a stick as a brush to create this freely written work of art on canvas on one Australia's best loved poem, My Country by Dorothea MacKellar.  On closer examination you will find little Australian symbols of animals, birds etc hidden within the text.  The calligraphy design of this original calligrahy artwork is stunning with subtle airbrushed background.     If you interested in a calligraphy work of art on canvas, on vellum or watercolour paper, contact Dave today on [email protected] to discuss your favourite poem or text!