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Nature one-of-a-kind artist's book by Dave Wood

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About this Book

I designed this original artist's book using recycled drum skins which I obtained from a friend.  It was a challenge to find a way to use this interesting material and when I discovered its transluscence, the idea came to me to design various shaped pages, featuring the delicacy of the images as well as the subtle colours in the letterforms which were written and painted in gouache. I was delighted with the “show through” effect of each page which gave the book an interesting “feel”, reminiscent of one of the qualities of vellum.

Each page was cut into a double heart shape to suggest the importance of humanity's love of nature for survival on this planet.  The messages/quotes selected for this book, are by various well known American authors and writers who, as observers, are expressing the vital link of nature with mankind.

The motif of the various crane illustrations, which I have chosen, symbolise the delicacy and yet strength of living creatures in harsh environments and their ability to enjoy their surroundings and live successfully. My choice of the one theme throughout this book was to ensure a continuity to the chosen texts.

Due to the springiness of the drum material, this artist' book is strong enough to be self supporting for display which is an added feature.

Dave chose the colours and design of the binding of this one-of-a-kind artists book and the bookbinder, Fred Pohlmann, created the covers using strip and leather onlays, with lead sandwiched between the archival boards with exposed sewing to create an interesting texture.  

The book measures:  4”x4”x1/2”