Our Collection of Artist's Books

Dave's original and limited edition artists books are collected by institutions and private collectors worldwide. Many of Dave’s book arts have been collected by large overseas institutions in the USA as well as sitting in Australian Library Collections.

The Painted Word, containing 86 colour plates for Dave's artworks is also available here.  

Artist Book of Native American Indian poem

Artist’s Books Stream of Tears

Native American Indian one-of-a-kind Artist Book by Dave Wood

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Cover image of Robert Frost Artist Book

Artist Book of Robert Frost - October

One-of-a-kind Artist Book of Robert Frost poem - October

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Man From Snowy River Concertina Book

Man From Snowy River Artist’s Book

Dave's latest Man From Snowy River one-of-a-kind Artist Book

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Original Artist Book by Dave Wood

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Artist Book - SOLD

Robert Frost One-of-a-kind Artist Book is unique in the market place in its design and format. Dave's first paper sculpture/calligraphy Artist Book now sits in the National Library of Australia's Collection.

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Image of Reedy River Original Concertina Book

Reedy River One-of-a-kind SOLD

One-of-a-kind large format concertina book with each double spread, recto calligraphy, verso intricate paper sculpture.This is a unique Artist's Book of Henry Lawson's poem, Reedy River which has been created over a period of months. The cover is made from Australian timbers, using acrylic paint for decoration and a liquid glass finish to create a watery finish. Each paper sculptured page portrays intricate images of the Australian landscape seen through Dave's eyes. This is masterpiece combining Dave's 50 years of design, colour, calligraphy and paper sculpture!

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Artist Books of Reedy River poem by Henry Lawson

Reedy River One-of-a-kind Concertina Book SOLD

Recently finished, Dave has used some new design elements of hand cut-out pages in this Artist Book to convey the poet's sentiments. A unique concertina book!

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Kahlil Gibran Limited Edition Book recently published

Wisdom of Kahlil Gibran

This stunning NEW Limited Edition of Kahlil Gibran is a Collector's delight! Dave has chosen "Persian style" marks on each page to enhance these very sensitive messages from The Prophet. Enjoy.....

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Cover of The Painted Word

The Painted Word

This is a magnificent book coffee table book, containing 84 colour plates of Dave’s original works of art over the many years of his career...

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Cover image of The Rubaiyat, by Omar Kayyam

Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam Limited Edition 20 EDITIONS SOLD - AP NOW AVAILABLE

This book is absolutely unique in the marketplace, given its 21st century design and interpretation of Arabic/Western themes created by Dave Wood who is highly respected worldwide for his unique design and calligraphic interpretations. Each page is jewel-like, a work of art in its own right and an absolute visual feast for the eyes...

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Image of Cover of Nature one-of-a-kind book

Nature One-of-a-Kind Artist’s Book SOLD

One-of-a-kind Artist Book called Nature, contains significant environmental quotes which Dave has chosen to express the vital link of nature with mankind. The pages are subtle with delicate images of the crane motif.

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An image from Precious Air

Precious Air

This limited edition concertina book of 100 copies is Excerpts from Chief Seattle’s Peace Treaty Statement to Governor Stephens believed to be made around 1870 ...

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Front cover of Ghazals artist book

Ghazals Artist’s Book

This limited edition large format concertina book is a Collection of Persian Love Lyrics, beautifully designed by Dave Wood, world renowned calligraphic artist.

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An image of the Never Never Land concertina book

Never Never Land

Dave has turned this Australian poem The Never Never Land, by Henry Lawson, into a delightful limited edition concertina book.

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Image of Rain


The beautiful concertina book, bound in handmade paper with silk tie closure, is based on the poem Rain, by Hone Tuwhare, New Zealand's most distinguished Maori poet ...

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Wal Whitman Original Artist's Book

Walt Whitman Original Artists Book

A selection of Walt Whitman poems in this uniquely designed one-of-a-kind Artist Book

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Dave is renowned for his amazing talent in combining beautifully designed and illustrated pages with his sensitive calligraphic interpretation of the chosen words.  His one-of-a-kind and limited edition Artist's Books are held in many prestigious collections in the United States, Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand.

You can purchase copies of these artist's books through this website by clicking on the images below and adding items to your cart, or contact us to discuss your requirements [email protected].